Working Moms, Let’s Do Some Good at the Polls

As evidenced by the onslaught of tacky, terrible political TV ads and hideous visual clutter of roadside campaign signs, Election Day is almost here. Tomorrow, in fact! I know we’ll all be relieved when all the annoying hoopla surrounding this politics-on-speed season abruptly ends.

But before the polls close on Tuesday, Nov. 2, wontcha please vote? I’m asking you because I believe that most of WMAG’s readers are well-educated, good-hearted moms who will make the least-evil choices on their respective ballots. You’ll vote with kids and families as a top priority.

Check out this video from Voices for America’s Children to get a sense of how kids are faring right now — and why they need you to vote in their favor.

Here’s what you can do to help:

And if helping kids isn’t enough to get your biscuits burnin’, go vote on Tuesday just to stick it to the guy who said this about us:

Maybe this year’s key voting group will be the one that doesn’t get in the mix at all. This could be the year of the “weary working women.” They are tired from carrying the economic burdens for their families, and they may just be tired of carrying the water for the Democrats as well.

Listen, I may be too tired to put the dishes away or fold the laundry, but there is no way I’m too “weary” to take 15 minutes to say “Yes” on our local school levy and “No” to some backward-thinking douchebags on my ballot. Then I’m pledging my intent to vote (and reasons why) on this cool MomsRising Election Day map, just because it’s fun. Hope you’ll do the same!

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