37 Must-Follow Working Moms on Instagram

Want to spice up your Instagram feed with fresh, fabulous working-mom awesomeness? We've curated a list of top working moms on Instagram. Follow them—STAT!

Want to spice up your Instagram feed with fresh, fabulous working-mom awesomeness?

I did, too. In fact, I decided it was high time Working Moms Against Guilt had a dedicated Instagram account, so we could discover and share great #workingmom pics and peeps on this uber-visual platform. So if you’re into Instagram, here’s how to get more authentic and amazing working moms on Instagram into your mix:

1. Follow our account, @workingmomsagainstguilt.

2. Check out this curated list of 37 working moms on Instagram, and follow them, too.

Want to spice up your Instagram feed with fresh, fabulous working-mom awesomeness? Check out this list of our favorite working moms on Instagram.

comfort-and-chaos-instagramTaylor Basilio

An Ohio native, Taylor shares lovely snapshots of her working mom life in North Carolina with her husband, daughter Isla, son Leo, and two crazy dogs. She works as a copywriter, book editor for a publishing company, and blogger at comfort + chaos.

traci-bild-instagramTraci Bild

Author, motivational speaker, life coach, and mom Traci Bild aims to help women “feel the spark of hope as you ponder possibilities for the future and reconnect with the girl of your past.” She posts inspirational quotes and images from her work, life, and family. Check out the Get Your Girl Back website for details about Traci’s writing, speaking, and more.

A photo posted by Get Your Girl Back (@getyourgirlback) on

julie-borm-instagramJulie Borm

Creator of the blog Borm & Co., Julia Borm shares her family’s adventures in Tampa, Florida. The mom of two littles, she’s a communications professional who shares her experiences in parenting, career, recipes, travel and everything in between.

A photo posted by Julie B (@bormandcoblog) on

joyce-brewer-instagramJoyce Brewer

This Emmy award-winning TV journalist turned parenting talk show host lives in Atlanta with her hubby and 5-year-old son. When she’s not working from home or hosting a Twitter party, Joyce Brewer shares photos of life with her family, out and about, and whatever she has cooking up next.

A photo posted by Joyce Brewer (@mommytalkshow) on

hope-comerford-instagramHope Comerford

If you’re into gluten-free cooking with a slow cooker, you’ve got to follow Hope Comerford and see what she’s making in her kitchen. She’s a full-time elementary music teacher, mother of two, and blogs at A Busy Mom’s Slow Cooking Adventures. Hope also recently published a cookbook of her recipes, The Gluten-Free Slow Cooker.

shelly-culp-instagramShelly Culp

Follow the work-life adventures of this coffee-drinking, Target-shopping, Beachbody-coaching mom, Shelly Culp. Via Instagram, you’ll catch pics of her life and teasers of her blog, Behind Blue Eyes, and life as a full-time mom, wife, working girl…and full-time college student (again!).

cynthia-yousignedup-instagramCynthia — You Signed Up for What?!

Cynthia is a runner, triathlete, and working mom of three young children in the Washington, DC, area. She’s lost a total of 50 pounds through exercise and healthy eating, and is now a certified running coach. She blogs about fitness, running, triathlon, healthy eating, and family life as she travels the world and tries to balance it all.

A photo posted by Cynthia (@yousignedupforwhat) on

Erica-Diamond-instagramErica Diamond

Ever been on the fence—in life, business, or love? You need some Erica Diamond in your feed—a wife and working mom in her 40s who founded the blog Women on the Fence. She’s a certified women’s life, business and success coach, award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, parenting TV correspondent, and hockey mom. What a life!

A photo posted by Erica Diamond (@ericabdiamond) on

ilina-ewen-instagramIlina Ewen

If you love words, cooking, traveling, or ’80s music, you should definitely follow Ilina Ewen, creator of the blog Dirt & Noise. She’s a writer, marketer, mom of two boys, an “accidental activist” (leaning toward the left of the political spectrum), and still manages to be the cocktail maven of 5:00 Fridays. Trust me, she is one cool cat.

A photo posted by Ilina Ewen (@ilinap) on



The Instagram feed of this anonymous employer review site for women highlights quotes from real reviews, contributed for women, by women. The ladies of fairygodboss like to share what women say when it makes them happy, sad, or mad about the state of women and their workplace today.

A photo posted by @fairygodboss on


Jennifer Gerlock

Want to see what goes on in the life of an offbeat, career-driven, slightly hip but mostly overwhelmed mom to teenage boys? Follow Jennifer Gerlock, who blogs at Hip As I Wanna Be and shares her experiences as a working mother, runner, and anything that strikes her fancy.

Holly Reisem Hanna

Get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the Austin-based publisher of The Work at Home Woman. Holly Reisem Hanna’s main gig involves sharing legit ways women can make money from home, but on Instagram, you’ll also see sharing her love of coffee, travel, and fashion.


Jen (Honestly Modern)

For those working moms in need of some style inspiration, don’t miss Jen of Honestly Modern (formerly Fashionably Employed). This Chicago-based working mom shares her picks in socially conscious style and shows how anyone can simplify life (and fashion) without sacrificing success.

jennifer-champagne-supernovaJennifer (Champagne Supernova)

Try not to be too jealous. Jennifer is an attorney, mom, writer, lifestyle and parenting blogger, AND she’s good-looking to boot. So are her Instagram pics.

emma-johnson-instagramEmma Johnson

The creator of Wealthy Single Mommy, Emma Johnson is a single mom, writer, journalist, business owner, small-town Midwesterner, New Yorker, world traveler, homebody, cook, friend, neighbor and woman. She lives in New York City with her young children, Helena and Lucas.

A photo posted by Emma Johnson (@thejohnsonemma) on

katy-clark-experienced-bad-momKatie (Experienced Bad Mom)

Katy possesses a wealth of experience at bad mothering, which she shares with the rest of us on her humorous blog, Experienced Bad Mom. Get a visual dose of Katy’s laughs and parenting missteps in her Instagram feed.

lauren-working-mom-magicLauren (Working Mom Magic)

Lauren works as the dayside executive producer at the ABC affiliate in Miami, and she LOVES her job. She also loves her two kids, hubby, and their Japanese Chin. She blogs at Working Mom Magic about crafts, parenting, fitness, recipes, and how she attempt to juggle it all as a working mom.

A photo posted by Lauren (@workingmommagic) on

nancy-laws-shemeetsNancy Laws

The woman behind SheMeets (formerly Afro Chic Mompreneur), Nancy Laws, wants to introduce you to fierce fempreneurs “in order to motivate and inspire you to achieving your full potential as a badass.” Rock on!

A photo posted by Nancy Laws (@shemeets) on


Diana Limongi

This lovely Latina working mom hails from Astoria/LIC, NY. She blogs at LadydeeLG about motherhood, Latino and women’s issues, parenting and raising a multilingual child.

A photo posted by Diana Limongi (@ladydeelg) on


Mater Mea

Founded by Anthonia Akitunde, mater mea shares the stories of women at the intersection of motherhood and career. I absolutely adore mater mea’s more realistic (not to mention stunning) depiction of black women in the many spaces they occupy: as mothers, daughters, employees and employers, lovers, and friends.

A photo posted by mater mea (@matermea) on


Maz (Caffeine and Fairydust)

Maz is a wife, working mom, and fashion designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. Her passions are focused on her family, following her heart, and helping others believe in their own magic. She blogs at Caffeine & Fairydust.

A photo posted by Maz (@caffeineandfairydust) on


Elaine McGhee

Elaine McGhee’s passion: helping moms return to work after maternity leave and find peace. Based in San Diego, she balances one husband, two girls, two dogs, and two careers. Her blog is Thrive Momma.



Jill and Liz launched Motherly late in 2015 as a supportive, non-judgmental source of inspiration and tips for the modern mama. You’ll find everything from how to survive morning sickness, to going back to work after baby, to how to keep love alive in the midst of life with toddlers.

A photo posted by Motherly (@mother.ly) on


Aleksandra Nearing

She’s a CPA by day, and a DOUBLE blogger by night (Busy Working Mama and Recipe Obsessed). Aleksandra’s a working mom and wife who loves sushi, gardening, fitness, reading, traveling, and more.



Nicole started her blog, Eat Sleep Play, as a way for her to work out the balance between caring for her child/spouse/family and caring for herself. She’s a work-from-home mom who lives in the Bay Area with her husband and their 3-year-old son.


Liz O’Donnell

A public relations executive by day, Liz lives with her husband and two children outside of Boston, juggling family, career, and community interests. Her latest venture was a successful Kickstarter campaign for SheStarts, an organization that helps women entrepreneurs start, grow, and sustain their businesses. She’s also the founder of the blog Working Daughter.

A photo posted by Liz ODonnell (@lizodinsta) on


Jennifer Panditaratne

Jennifer is a South Florida mom to two girls and a boy. Through her blog, Diary of a Working Mom, she talks about how she works, crafts, and bakes, while trying to survive the toddler years and find the humor in it all.


Courtney Patterson

Courtney is the sassy, tell-it-like-it-is working mom behind the blog Shiraz In My Sippy Cup, where you’ll find honest talk about the trials, joys and tribulations of parenting. A Tennessee native, she now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and young daughter.


Christine St.Vil

If you’re looking to get your FLY back (First Love Yourself, that is), you must follow Christine St.Vil of Moms ‘N Charge. She’s a dynamic, inspiring working mom, blogger, speaker, trainer and coauthor of Whose Shoes Are You Wearing?. Her motto totally grooves with WMAG: “Helping moms feel good without feeling guilty.” Yes!


Chaton Turner

This working mom and attorney seeks work-life balance while wearing stilettos and struggling to keep her house clean. She’s raising a tenacious toddler and incredible infant with the man she loves in Pittsburgh. Her blog is Chaton’s World.

A photo posted by Chaton Turner (@chatonsworld) on


Tirralan Watkins

A former actress living in Hollywood, Tirralan is now the wife of a filmmaker, mother of two boys, and creator of Tinseltown Mom. She focuses on famous mothers in their daily lives, including the good, the bad, the happy, and sometimes sad.

And WMAG’s own working moms on Instagram

Know of a working mom who makes your Instagram feed a better place? Please add her Instagram handle in the comments below (or your own, if it’s you! No shame in the self-promotional game.)

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    So I’ve been searching for social media pages to help me feel better about my life of being a mom because I feel like everything I ever see is perfect moms with cleans kids, clean houses, fashionable outfits, and moms with hair and makeup done. I was feeling depressed and inadequate. I found one on Instagram called the.real.moms.of.insta and it not only makes me laugh, but reminds me I am normal!

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