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Tela here, and I’ve decided to create a Working Mom’s product spotlight, detailing products that make a working mom’s life easier. As a mom, and especially as a working mom, I’ve found that every minute counts. Things that save me time, money, or effort are invaluable, and I want to share. I’ll try to do this a few times a month, but we’ll see what happens.

(Please note that my opinions are all my own and all that. That no one is paying me to write about these products–or even offering me product to try. If that changes ever, I’ll tell ya.)

So, the first product I wanted to share is Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent. Yes, I said Palmolive and dishwashing detergent. To put in your dishwasher. Not liquid to put in your sink. Did you know Palmolive had a dishwashing detergent? Some people don’t. It’s not that new, but I think people just automatically associate Palmolive with liquid dish soap.

I tried this detergent awhile ago when I saw it was “eco” friendly and phosphate free. It worked great, but it’s not available at my local Kroger, so I would only pick it up if I noticed it at Target. But now that all dishwashing detergents have eliminated phosphates, I noticed that brand I was using wasn’t working so well. My glassware was all cloudy and other dishes weren’t that clean. No one needs to be doing her dishes TWICE. Now I go out of my way to pick up the Palmolive stuff, because works really well. Even in my slightly crappy dishwasher.

There you go! The Working Moms Against Guilt Making Life Easier Product Spotlight… otherwise known as WMAGMLEPS. I think it’s catchy, don’t you?

1 thought on “Working Mom’s Product Spotlight

  1. Robert M Goodman says:

    I remember from before Palmolive made dish detergent (for either hand or machine) and all they made was bar soap. Now I feel soooo ooolllld!

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